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How to avoid scams when acquiring visas to Cambodia?

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Do you have some tips how to avoid scams when acquiring visas to Cambodia? I heard that the Cambodian custop officers would frequently charge you more than it actually cost. Can I get the visa somewhere in advance? Do you have any experience with this?

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    Dear Mr. Carl,

    I would to help the people who need come to Cambodia as possible as I can, coz all of you make make people here has job. In fact, not as you know the customs officers in Cambodian, they has the chief and no one could escape from law. However, the avoid should you find the company who do the service for you.
    - you can compare those company in service.
    - you should find someone who you trust to help.

    I would help as possible as I can if you need.

    Best regards,

    Lors Sembath
    Skype: lors_sembath
    E-mail: [...]
    Tel: 012 232 681/ 016 904 441

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