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Cost of living and other major points

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First of all a big thanks to all of you from bottom of my heart.
Really a nice blog, 70% of my quarries has been cleared through this blog only.

Basically I am trying to enter Toronto with a job (temporary Work permit for 2 years via LMIA) then onward I shall apply for PR as getting a PR for Canada is very difficult from my home country. The problem arises to clear IELTS exam.

I am a Engineer and having 5 years of experience and spouse completed post graduation and having a year of experience.

A consultancy in my hometown is offering me and spouse supervisory (Shop management supervisor) jobs in a shopping mall in GTA.
Salary for me will be - 2900 Ca$ (After tax) + 300 Ca$ for Accommodation
Spouse salary will be - 2600 Ca$(After tax) + 300 Ca$ for Accommodation

We are 3 members (Me,Spouse and son- 4 years)
So my quarries are:
1) Is 6100 Ca$ a good salary to live in Toronto suburbs. (Includes everything)
2) Looking at health and son's education will be bear by me as I am not a PR holder can I able to save a minimum 1500 Ca$ per month.
(We rarely go for outing and avoid clubbing and other stuffs. Basically we leave a complete middle class life)
3) Apart from above my major concern is, We will enter Canada in temporary ''UNSKILLED WORK PERMIT'' for 2 years. Shall we eligible to convert it to "SKILLED WORK PERMIT'' if i got a chance to work professionally with some other employers.
4) Will we be eligible for PR after 2 years if we worked in Unskilled Work permit.
5) Is IELTS is required after 2 years for PR. (Got some info in internet that doing a french course can opt out the option for IELTS)
6) Rather than the said job Can I work other part time jobs in the leisure time.
7) Within 20 to 25 kms from GTA area can i find a 1 bedroom flat or basement within the cost of 700 to 800 Ca$
8)What is cost of education for kids.

These quarries are very important to me as I unable to find the proper answers. Please help us out.

Thanks in advance.

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