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I am writing because I am planning to emigrate from my country and to relocate elsewhere.
I have two main options as destinations (the first one is Canada, Vancouver/Toronto), but I just can't make up my mind even balancing different aspects such as quality of life and salary because I've heard so many opinions and points of view that I could go crazy ahah
What I care the most is how easy is to socialize and to become part of the local community, job and career perspectives ( I have a degree and experience as web desinger, as translator and customer service) and medical insurance.

1-is it really that easy to get to know locals and to build a social circle in some months, given the fact that I am open minded and quite friendly myself? in my country people are mostly close-minded ( can't even understand that some people can be vegan for choice), full of hypocrites, racists, ignorant, envious and unreliable people. I do not want to end up living in a place which is similar to the one I am currently living. Sorry if someone might be offended but this is the truth to me and what I am looking for are normal, relaxed and open minded individuals.
I've read that people are very kind to foreigners and open to let them easily integrate. Is it true?
Canada would be my first choice, but it's 18 hours flight from home and would really be a hit or miss.

2- job: I speak english fluently even if not perfectly, I have a slight accent but this does not impede interactions.
I speak average french, but I am keen on learning languages so that I could improve my french skills in some months.
I am available to work as a waitress, receptionist, sales assistant and so on, till I will eventually find a job in my field of competence. Meanwhile I could still work as a freelance translator as I am currently doing.
How hard is to find a job as a waitress, receptionists or shop assistant? How long could it take?
Is it possible to stay there 3 months as a tourist to send applications, attend job interviews without having a working permit and therefore without working ? I may not want to go to canada and start working because I do not have a job there yet, but I would like to go there in order to look for a job. Once I find it (hope so) then I will need my working permit and, as far as I know, it is the employer's duty to provide it.
Official sources state that foreigners are not allowed to move there and attend job interviews, but I'm confused. How could I ever find a job if I can't move to the country where I want to relocate and start applying to job positions? Only engineers, surgeons and few others are the lucky ones who get a work and a permit even if they are miles apart. But the others? how can I get a chance to relocate, make a living in canada if to be legit one should land with a job and a working permit in their hand? this sounds pretty strange to me, honestly.

3-How does health insurance work? Is it monlthy billed? how much does it cost on average, given the fact that I do not have any particular illness and do not take any medication?

I am looking forward to your kind replies and suggestions.

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