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International moving options!!!

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Hello guys,
I'm moving to British Columbia, Canada, in a few months. I currently live in upstate NY, and I'll be moving in with my brother, who is settled in Canada.
I've done some initial research, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to move my things from the US to Canada. I'll probably drive and take some important stuff like laptop, computer, and clothes with me. But there are other things I'd like to keep.
I searched for all available options. I could get a tow-bar fitted on my 2008 escape and rent a Uhaul trailer; both would come around $1300 and hold most of my things.
If I go with a large Uhaul and tow my SUV behind it, that increases my costs. Shipping probably would cost the same as hauling it, so I haven't considered that yet. I could also [url=
and-vancouver-movers]get an international moving company[/url], don't know if it is the same as FedExing it! Pods are also out since it can't be parked in front of my apartment.
Also, I believe I'm eligible for a "first-time tax-free items move," which would further reduce the cost.
So if you guys could share your experiences on a cross country move, it can help me a lot.

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