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    Thanks Juan,
    First of all I'd like to debate this, and everyone who reads my posts, they will see that I do not draw a rosy picture or the immigration process to any country not just Canada, because immigration anywhere requires sacrifice.

    Data published on Wikipedia does not mean that we have to accept this data as is and not debate it, Wikipedia is made by users just like you and me.

    You said that statistics Canada shows that the immigration system is broken, and I wonder why Canada collects this data, isn't to try to fix the things that needs to be fixed in the system, and I have seen these attempts and the amounts of funding for newcomers.

    Article says that the more time is spent in Canada, income and employment increase, which makes total sense. This is called integration and cultural awareness from the newcomer to new environment and adaptability.

    Out of control immigration system is something of the past, that is why the statistical data collection and amendments to the immigration regulation, and I can confirm it is something of the past. It did exist sometime but not anymore.

    Credential issue is also something of the past. I can confirm that there are protocols now in almost every sector host newcomers and help them with this issue. Again this was a result of date collection, which shows Canada is making it's immigration system a priority. Bear in mind, credential evaluation is not a guarantee to a job whether you are a Canadian citizen or an immigrant.

    "New workers are also less familiar with the Canadian labour market and will thus not be able to maximize their salaries" and "those who had been in the country five years were more likely than average to be employed" perfectly makes sense and is not because of the immigration system, it is a natural progression in a new environment.

    Bottom line, Canada's economy is a knowledge base economy, so you have to work it, which means like all Citizens you will know periods of prosperity in Canada and periods where you will reply on employment insurance and social services to get by. It is like this anywhere in the world.


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