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Spousal sponsorship rejection

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Hi everyone.. I have applied for the spousal sponsorship and it is got rejected due to the loan I have taken 2 years ago. My friend suggested to seek the help of immigration lawyer Mathew Jeffery. But I have a concern that whether there is any hope for getting it to be approved if I go for an appeal? Does anyone here know about this? Please provide me some information.

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    You will have to clear the loan first. Then only you can go for further

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    Dear Jose,
    I am afraid, if you still pay for the loan and if it exceeds a certain amount, for sure any Immigration authority will reject your application for for spousal sponsorship. But if the loan has been paid out and you are able to provide any proof for this, you should ask for Mr Jefferys Support. I am sure, he will be able to help you.

    warm regards

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