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    Health care in Canada is NOT free!
    It is financed by the astronomical taxes that Canadians
    must pay whether or not they use the health care that may or may not be available to them depending where they live in Canada. Every Canadian I know has also purchased private insurance because they want better services than they can get through the government provided health care. So not only are Canadians paying huge taxes but they also are paying big bucks to buy private health insurance just like Americans do. (This is also happening in the UK where many Brits are also purchasing private coverage because the government health care can be inconsistent or they can have a long wait for the simplest care)
    My friend Nina who lives in Montreal just had to wait 4 months to get an appt with a family Dr (she just had a baby in July) and has Crohn's disease and needs to see a specialist.
    She was told she would have to wait A YEAR AND A HALF TO GET AN APPT.

    The sales tax in Ontario with GST and PST hovers around 14%. While in the US it is at its highest less than half that. Then there is the income and property taxes. The cost of almost all goods and services in Canada is very high because
    there is less competion which is a direct result of a small population. Just try getting a cell phone in Canada. The insane rules about contracts and long distance are enough to make any one scream.

    I have never been a relieved to be an American as I have been since I moved to Canada. As soon as immigration paperwork is finalized my Canadian husband and I will be running to the border.

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