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    I don't know what kind of cadillac health insurance policy your employer in the US was able to get for you, but I'll tell ya that in the United States of America you actually have to wait 4 or 5 months to get a doctors appointment in many cities! That's just a regular appointment! I personally had to wait for over one year to get into see an OBGYN! That leaves me going to emergency rooms for every day care AND I HAVE INSURANCE! This so-called rationing already happens in the US health care system. There is nothing to romanticize about it. Plus, the facts just don't support any delusion that the US has a superior health care system. We have higher infant mortality rates, lower death rates, higher rates of serious, life-threatening illness than most all other industrialized nations. So what if people buy supplemental private insurance policies in Canada. So do Medicare recipients here! Nothing is more disturbing to me than US citizens who irrationally believe we have a better health care system. I have Canadian friends too, and they are more than satisfied. You should really check your facts - sales taxes in Chicago and NYC are around 10%. The collective tax toll on US citizens is not really that much less than other industrialized countries - yet we get less for it! Get real.

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