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    hi everyone i read all your posts.and each advice is quite helpful regardless of different oppinions.i live in dubai i have 1 year experiance in the banking sector. graduated from the America university of sharjah. with a duel concentration in accounting and MIS . i am 21 years of age and i am planning to immigrate to canada.please tell me about my chances in canada?,because all of you know better. and i want an advice.

    as for my personality i am highly sociable i love and respect different cultures and i believe that we all must learn how to enjoy our life together regardless off our orign. that is one main reason i want to be a canadian. culturer diversity is a key experiance in life.

    as for jobs. i am always optimistic because like everyone is complaining now about canada and its jobs.the entire world is the same regardless where you live. i live in dubai one of the richest gulf countries because of fuel.i graduated and only me from the batch of my friends found a job.and it has been a year. my point that unemployment is everywhere you just have to have the right mentallity keep on trying and eventually you all will get a job.

    looking forward to hear from all of you
    best wishes

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