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Hi There, Need help on information of IPSA

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Hi there..My name is Dendi, I am Indonesian and live in Jakarta.
I read in the internet about : IPSA - International Partners for Study Abroad in Calgary. This is an English Language school.
I am interesting to learn English and planing to joint this course for a short period, may be about 36 or 48 weeks. i read in their terms and condition, there are payments that i should be paid in advance if i want to joint. This give me a little bit unsecure.
Perhaps anyone knows about this instition and could helps to share the information with me.
My appologize i couldnt provide their street address as they dont provide it in their website. They only stated in their website as follows: Our location gives our students access to Transit (Bus & Light Rail) Calgary Public Library, Chinatown, the Stephen Avenue Mall, and the Eau Claire market area.
Thank you
Dendi Septiadi

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