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Looking for someone to practice speaking Spanish with!

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Hi, I will be living in Jasper, Alberta until November 2010 and would like to meet someone so I can continue to practice speaking Spanish. I've just travelled around South America for 4.5 months and loved speaking the language!

Naturally, if you would like to practice speaking English too I would be happy to help.

Hope to hear from you.


  • Sam Zubaidi


    posted by  Sam Zubaidi in Alberta forum 

    Hola Pablo! Gracias por tu repuesta, pero ahora, tengo mucho suerte porque vivo con un familia mexicano y hablo espanol cada dia! But, of course, if you would like to message me, I will be happy to reply to you in English, to help you improve.



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    Perfect!!! -Sam

    posted by  Pablo Daniel Torres in Alberta forum 

    I am living in Santiago Chile, and I Would like to know, if you can help me to improve my english.-
    Thank you , for your cooperation.-

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