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What to visit in Gaspesia?

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What are the nicest places in Gaspésia? Apparently it's one of the best area of Quebec so I would like to visit it but it's really huge so I don't know where to start!

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  • Alex M

    Hi Lorena

    posted by  Alex M in Quebec forum 

    I suggest you visit this website:
    I was there a couple of times. I visited the national park, you can camp and do hiking there. The mountains and forest are beautiful. There's also the sea coast and the big Rock with a hole through it :)
    I also suggest you visit New Brunswick and PEI (very close). There you will find some nice historical villages and relaxing beaches.
    There's sooooo many nice places in Quebec :)
    Quebec city is a must... try to take a cruise in the St-Laurent gulf and going up to the fjord is also an amazing experience.
    If you pass by Montreal let me know :)

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