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How is to live in Cayman Island???

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    and what about starting business?

  • Santiago c

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    Hi to both,
    Life is Cayman is nice, quiet, sunny, safe, simple, beautiful and EXPENSIVE.
    To come here you need: a job, a work permit, a place to stay and be able to speak english properly.
    House rentals at the moment go from 1000KYD (cayman dollars, 1 KYD=1 euro) for a decent 1 bedroom place in a nice area to 5000KYD for a family house on the beach.
    Salaries are good (1000KYD for a babysitter, 2000 for a starting waiter, 3000 for a bartender...)
    But you need to find a job before you come to the island since immigration will not let you come here to look for a job.
    Good luck

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    Hi MOnalisa,

    I was wondering it. HOw is life´s level? How could I pay for rent a house? How would I earn working?
    If you find an answer, please let me know.


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