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Carpooling in Chile - A Nice Way to Travel

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As a major user of the service in Europe, I was somewhat surprised to not easily find a carpool website when I arrived in Chile. I had the chance to travel for three months and I think the most useful is to share with you my recent discovery.
You’re probably aware about Chile barely not having rail transport and having many monopolies regarding bus companies.
I invite you to visit
Rides is a Chilean version of the well-known Blablacar and mitfahrgelegenheit in Europe.
The good thing about this is that it’s very safe: the site offers degrees of connection between Facebook users and others social networks. In addition, travelers rate their co-traveler getting a pretty decent base trusted users.
As you probably know, it does represent a cheap travel alternative.
It's pretty great to meet locals traveling around.

  • Marjo Tellez Rodriguez

    posted by  in Chile forum 

    Hey @celestinsoubrier!

    Thanks for sharing the Blablacar of Chile!
    I wanted to do the same, because I found the of money transfer: Moneytis!
    Check out their services here: They compara all the money transfer solution in real-tima, making saving you money + time!

    If you have any, private message!
    I personaly use it between Mexico and Europa.

    Cheers guys,
    Marjo :D

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