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Drivers in Santiago

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Why are the drivers in Santiago so crazy? Every time I got in a vehicle, I thought I was going to be killed. There was so much traffic, and everyone was trying to get to opposite places, which made for a lot of congestion and a lot of accidents.

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    There is no real traffic culture, people will cut you up from whichever lane. Tailgating is a normality, and yes accidents are common. To pass your driving test 10 years ago use to be once around the block, unsure as to what is required now. Also to try and alleviate congestion during peak rush hours traffic will be directed 1 way only (even on main roads), this can get very confusing if you are not from the area. Everyone drives fast and with no real consideration for others.

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    I can see you haven´t been in Colombia OMG!!!!! Like in argentina :/

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    In argentina is worst, you can bet they wanna hit you, they speed up when you cross the streets, and there are not cross-walk lights, no signs, bikers and walking people avoid argentina!!!

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