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How many percents could speak English in Chile

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Anyone knows how many Chileans speak English? 10% 20%

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    Hello, you should ask this question in some educational institution in Chile. Probably an english language school franchise somewhere in Santiago should help you with an answer.

  • claudio hurtado

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  • Barbara Pallavicini Sessel

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    Most people don't speak English as English was only introduced in schools a few years ago, but there are people who do speak English very well, specially in Santiago.
    Chileans are really friendly and are always happy to help, they are incredibly hospitable so you will always find someone who is willing to help!

  • mariano latorre

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    It depends on which circle you are going to be...I will say if you are on the street outside Santiago and obviously not in a touristic spot, it will be very hard to find one guy that answers you back. But, in some places in Santiago where people is better educated, more rich areas and also all touristic spots you won't have any problem.

    If you come to Chile, I won't worry about the language, I would put an eye on thief and bandits. Cab drivers, money exchange on streets, carrying a bag, expensive glasses, camera, mobile phones.

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