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What are the best places in Chile?

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Which places shouldn't you miss when you visit Chile?
Or what is a nice place to stay there for a while?
Any recommendations?

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  • Inna Korchak

    nice places in Chile!

    posted by  Inna Korchak in Chile forum 

    Hi Adele! well i would recommend you to stay in Santiago and then you can just see other places by visiting them for a day or two. I moved here only a couple months ago and I've seen some places. Its nice but not enought to live there. I am really comfortable in Santiago only. You can find absolutely everything here. So far so good. I will stay here for a while, so if you will decide to come - let me know! We can visit some places together!

  • Nice places in Chile

    posted by Deleted user in Chile forum 

    Hi Inna, thanks for your tips!
    I also heard that Santiago is the best city to stay! Can you reach some other places easily by bus?
    And yes, I really want to see some places outside Europe, but still I don't know if I should either go to South America or better to Australia/New Zealand or something! Quite tricky...

  • Inna Korchak

    It is quite tricky!

    posted by  Inna Korchak in Chile forum 

    Yeah, you right! Probably I would never come to Chile just to look around, its really expensive here! I came here just because of my boyfriend, he has a job here. Don't know for how long.... Alldough its the most safe place in South America. So in case u decide to go for a trip here Chile is the best choice. And its easy to travel, bus, airplane, train whatever you prefer.
    Australia sounds great! So pick the direction and if its Chile - let me know!

  • Trip to South America

    posted by Deleted user in Chile forum 

    Chile is expensive? Oh, I thought it would be quite cheap like I thought it would be in all South America. But isn't that important if I only go to a trip there. So you don't like living in Chile that much?
    Well, I'll consider all the possibilities and if I pick Chile I'll let you know :)

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    My beautiful Chile, Viva Chile !

    posted by  Daniel Agüero in Chile forum 

    Dear Adele,

    Chile is the most secure and safe country of South America.

    Here you can find beautiful Beach, Big mountains with very good places to ski and to make snowboard, Big Desert Zones to practice Rally in motorcycles, you can visit " Isla de Pascua", a beatifull place in the pacific ocean where you feel like a Hawaii, or you can to take a tour for the South of Chile, travelling by bus, car, ship to get de "Antartida" the frozen continent, others people call it " The White Continent", so you can see It is no boring to come Chile, it is not expensive if you come with american dollars, because the change is very advantageous for foreing visitors.
    for 1 dollar you can get 525 chilean pessos. You can to have lunch in any place you wish and spend 5 dollars, to have breakfast for 3 dollas and so.
    You can rent a room in a safe place for 200 dollars a month, the gassoline cost 4 dollars a gallon, etc.
    My family and I would be very happy when you come to Chile , if you come to visit us to our place.
    It is not very luxurious, but it is clean and there very much friendship to give our friends.
    we are very near of the subway, so you take the train and in 15 minutes you are in the downtown.
    in 10 minutes you can get 1 of the 10 big malls that we have in Santiago. There you can buy from a pencil of lips to a car.

    I hope to here soon about.

    take care of you.
    Best Regards for you.

    Santiago de Chile, Enero 25 de 2009.

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    posted by  gracebaby ojima in Chile forum 


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    Living in Chile

    posted by  Serapio Padilla in Chile forum 

    Hi Daniel, Congratulations!, I´m glad 'cause you're very proud of your country. I´m planning to stay in a safty country in South America, maybe some months. But I will need to find a job... Is it easy to find job in Chile?...

    Best Regards.

    Coahuila, México Septiembre 13 de 2009

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    Hello friend,

    posted by  Arlene trillanes in Chile forum 

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  • Lucy T.

    I love here...

    posted by  Lucy T. in Chile forum 

    I really enjoy living in Santiago,but i don't find is a lot of fun for tourism,I like Pucon,the Mountains,Valparaiso,La Serena,Isla de Pascua and Chiloe are totally my hot places to go here,what i like the most that i haven't found anywhere else in the Globe is the amazing variety of weathers,like u can change from the city center to the mountains to the country or seaside in about an hour or less.

    Argentina is also a nice place to live or to stay.lived there for quite a while,bout 6 months,2007/8 in Buenos Aires, had lots of fun,food is really cheap and delicious and is also a safe country to visit excepting some neighborhoods in the "Cono Sur",well in Santiago is the same.I guess everywhere u have bad places u better skip but some countries those places seem to be more than others.rite?

    Anyways I 'll miss my hometown,Im leaving to reside in Germany with my fiance soon,and will surely miss the cordillera,the kiltros and the cazuela :(

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    posted by  Melissa Owens in Chile forum 


    Enjoyed your thoughts on Chile. We are landing in Santiago end of November 2009. We plan to see Val Paraiso, Vina del mar, Pucon, Valdivia,Puerto Varas. We have about 2 weeks. Do you think we should definitely see Chiloe and where is the Isla de Pascua you mentioned? We were not planning on seeing La Serena, but do you think it is a must see?? Also wondered if would be possible to see the San Rafael glacier, but maybe that is just covering too much ground. please send me an email to [...].

    Thanks for you assistance! Melissa

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