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2 New high-speed rail from Guangdong to Hongkong to be opened on July 10

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It is reported that 2 new direct high-speed rail are to be operated on July 10 to connect more cities in Guangdong with Hong Kong.

G6579 high-speed rail connecting Zhaoqing East and Hong Kong West Kowloon Station departs from Zhaoqing at 8:14, going through Sanshui South and Foshan West, and arrives at Hong Kong at 10:14. The ticket for second class seat is 238.5 yuan.

G6390 high-speed rail (from Shantou to Hong Kong West Kowloon) departs at 17:59 and arrives at 21:07. The second class seat costs 192 yuan.

Tickets are bookable now.

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