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Opening 1st International School in Changsha

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Hi! I'm David, founding Principal of Changsha WES Academy ( the 1st English-medium International School in Changsha. I am looking to meet prospective families who want an international education for their children.

I'm also interested in making friends with other English-speaking people who live in Changsha.

  • sondos alkhat

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    hello Mr David
    im A+ student ,im 15 years old and im jordanian girl
    on next class i will be 10th grade , i want register on this international school
    i have 3 brothers in china and i want live there , in changsha city and i want schooler ship if i can
    please answer me ,, im waiting ur answer
    thanks alot

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    Hello Williem, i am expected to move to Fuzhou July, please advise International schools in Fuzhou

  • helen zhang

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    Hi Richard, Are you still working in the Nanchang University? Or do you know any other English teachers? I am looking for a tutor for my client who works at a multinational company. Please contact me at [...] if you can help me. Thanks a lot! helen

  • David Priest

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    Dear Willem,

    I'm afraid I do not know the current situation about international schools in Fuzhou. I believe the closest established international school is in Xiamen.

  • posted by Deleted user in China forum 

    David, my name is Willem and I am from South Africa. I will move to Fuzhou in early 2012 to construct a new Chrome processing plant. My main concern is schooling for my children and some of the expats that will relocate for the next 5 years. Do you perhaps have contact with other international schools in the Fuzhou area?

  • David Priest

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    Dear Will,

    Thanks for posting your message. Please check out the school's web site ( for full details about the school, including curriculum, admission procedures, school fees and how to contact us at school.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    David Priest

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    We are Australian Family going to move to Changsha. We have a 6- year-old kid. Would love to know more.....

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    Dear David,
    Hi. I'm Richard Lasser, President of Teachers School Supply. We outfit schools from stem to stern with classroom and office furniture, equipment and supplies. I'll be attending the ACAMIS Conference in Shanghai next week. Will you be there? Would you like to find time to discuss the money- and time-saving ways we can help you outfit your new school?
    Richard A Lasser
    Mobile +310 990 5941

  • David Priest

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    Hi Amy,

    Nice to hear from you. Are you involved in marketing at Clifford Panyu?

    Our school was built by the local government in order to help provide the right infrastructure for foreign investment in Changsha, so we are fortunate that our marketing is well-supported by the various local government agencies working with non-Chinese companies and investors. At the moment, our main focus is on trying to ensure as many people (especially foreigners and companies employing foreigners) as possible know that there is an international school in Changsha.


  • Amy Yao

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    Hi David
    How is your school business going on ?

    What marketing are u doing for your school? I live in Clifford Panyu Guangzhou which also have a very big international school

    Maybe we can discuss about the marketing plans ?


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