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Teach in China as a foreign teacher

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Hey guys, when it comes to teaching in China, there are numerous stereotypes, lots of misinformation, and blatantly false advertising. Some of them are true indeed; however, the truth is, there are a surprising number of benefits that many teachers discover during teaching in China, and motivate them to stay and work harder as well.
so if u guys are interested in teaching in China or ESL jobs, visit the website in my profile to get more info!

  • Amy Su

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    Now I am going to work in Suzhou, thanks for your sharing.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    Thanks for sharing!
    There are some basic requirements for teaching in China:
    Bachelor degree or higher
    Minimum two years teaching experience
    Younger than 60
    Non criminal record
    Successful medical check
    All application materials must be authenticated by your local P.R.C. embassy.

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