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Visa Lock out

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Good day! This post does not intend to heat up any argument. I just need to get some clarifications.

A couple of days ago I was interviewed by one of the schools in Suihua to work as an English Teacher and was selected.. After few days, the interviewer informed me that the Chinese government is locking out Philippine nationals to acquire working permit/Z Visa.

I know clearly why, but is it still worth a try to apply? And how long will this locking out will take?

I am still interested to apply and work in China despite all that.

  • Keinan Driedger

    posted by  in China forum 

    Its a silly lockdown that should have ended. That is my two cents. You are not alone. I know 4 teachers just at my school - all from Canada and all waiting. Any day now this G20 influenced embargo on new visas should end. There are thousands of working professionals trying to get in. You are not alone. Hopefully I am not too late to the party and you have pursued the course of action you needed to pursue. Cheers.

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