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How to meet people in Beijing?

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My personal favourite is through networking events such as those organised by the FCGroup

The FC Group provides business and professional networking platforms for connections and guanxi to leverage and focus business and career objectives.

The FC Group is the central hub of a large network of business and professional people who meet to forge new contacts and strengthen existing contacts for business, career and social purposes. The basic concept is that it in order to progress up the ladder to achieve one’s goal the bottleneck is not who you know but who knows that you know. This goal is only obtainable by attending quality networking events where people are interested in listening to each other not in talking at each other. The venues are carefully selected to ensure that they too are of a suitable quality and can provide the fitting atmosphere and ambiance to encourage both successful networking and networking for success.

The FC Group provides a unique platform of industry themed networking events at which the art of small talk becomes the stepping-stone to big business. The FC Group’s events are open to one and all who are able to converse in English and attract an equal number of English speaking Chinese and English speaking foreigners.

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