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People living in our STAIRS!

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Hello Everyone,
I have a unique problem and am looking on some legal help to fix it.
In our building in Nanshan the "help" or Baoan, office and trash people have moved into the stairs by the elevator and down in the basement.

They do nothing, no cleaning, no helping, no protection of the building. Unless they can try to fine us.
If we try to fix our water or drain pipes off the building they say their too busy, but if we pay them...
So we fix it ourselves and they try to write us a huge fine.
Now they are attacking us and our dogs.

I want to know what kind of residency permits they need to live in the building.
Now we cant even have a phone because they cleaned out the phone closet, sold all the components, and the company wont put new wires in for fear of losing them.
Effectively I want them evicted from the building. They arent living in permitted areas and they even built a shitter on the roof connected to the storm drain.

Any ideas?
I've never seen anything like this in any country I've been to even the Philippines
Even if you can just read Chinese and direct me to a building code that's all I need.
The law is a bit too specific for my level of Chinese reading.

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