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Been to Hainan Island the birthplace of my parents a few times already. Went into the village of my ancestor and quite like the place. Have plan to built a house in my grandfather's land. How can I get approval from local authority for permission to built this home? Presently the ancestor home and land is look after by my third aunty and my cousin brother. My cousin runs a prawn aquaculture business on part of the land. They have no problem with me building a house there. I used to own a printing and stationery shop in Malaysian. I now intend to start a small business neither in Haikou or Wenchang to keep myself occupy
I will be going to Hainan Island on this 23rd August, 2011. Would like to meet with more people and make new friends other than my relatives there. Someone who can also advice me on what type of business venture to go into.

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    Can you tell me .where should I go to which government department for Overseas Chinese ancestor spring return to Acquisition of Land Title in Hainan island -Wencheng,

    Drop me email at [...]

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    Hi, Mr. Tan and Boh Tuan,

    I am a local and live in Haikou, I will send an email to Mr. Tan for details.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Tony Tan.
    Let us not chat on this forum. I will contact you by email and talk things in private, otherwise the moderator of this forum may bar us.

    Boh tuan

  • Tony Tan Teck Tien

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    Hi Boh Tuan,

    I would count my blessings now due to all the hard work that I have put into the business, running a chinaman mentality sort of business. I am the salesman, the delivery man and sometime also the machine operator when the worker is on leave. That is the reason why my son does not want to be involve in the business. Youth of today always want the easy life. I think we spoilt our kids nowadays.
    I am not wealthy but I am comfortable and contented now. When I visited Hainan Island for the first time I immediately like the place. The most difficult part now is to convince my wife to also like this place. You are a lucky man, Boh Tuan that your wife can follow you to Hainan Island.

    Warmest regards
    Tony Tan

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    Hi Tony Tan,

    Look like you have been financially successful and have accumulated some wealth. Now the difficult part is to multiply or build up that wealth.

    I am somewhat in a situation like you. I avoid being lured into quick profits (especially in Hainan involving with relatives and friemds) but neither do I want to hold too tight to the cash which is bound to shrink in the medium term with all the glorified paper money (bonds) flying around in US and Europe. Will contact you by email.

    Boh tuan

  • Tony Tan Teck Tien

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    I think my reply to you last night did not get through. My visit to Hainan on the 23rd August is to enquire about the registration of a company and also to look for a potential business location in Wenchang or Haikou. I would prefer Wenchang because it it nearer to my ancestor home which is in one of the villages call golden mountain (Kim Tuah) in english near the district of QingLan.
    I would like to also visit Hainan in March, 2012. Would like to meet up with you while in Hainan.
    My intention is to run a small business to keep myself occupied and also to maintain to my daily expenses. My cousin wanted me to be involve in his prawn aquaculture business but I am not too keen in this venture. A number of my relative are also involve in this business.
    Back in Malaysia I use to owned a ofset printing business and also a stationery shop. I have sold all my businesses three years ago.
    Hope we can meet each other in the very near future.
    Many blessings,
    Tony Tan (email add. : [...])

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    Hi Tan Teck Tien,

    We ( I and my wife) visit Hainan about twice a year for the last 3 to 4 years. Mostly in Wenchang and Haikuo.

    I may be going again in September 2011 and March 2012. September 2011 is uncertain, but March 2012 is quite certain.

    My cousin's daughter's husband is an officer with the Wenchang goverment. His department functions like Singapore's EDB (Economic Development Board).

    If you can send me a private message, we may communicate further.

    Boh Tuan

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