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Is Colombia becoming dangerous for expats?

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I feel like I heard more and more stories about kidnapping & murder in Colombia so I am wondering if it's not becoming too dangerous to live there. How do you protect yourselves there?

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    Depends where

    posted by  Mark Taylor in Colombia forum 

    Not really, The larger cities are pretty safe, more kidnappings probably take place in the states than in the Colombia. Bogota murder rate is equivalent to new York, itś a large fairly modern city, though there can be quite a bit of crime in downtown and the south.. Especially if you are walking around in Tommy Bahama shirts and flipflops, Going into rebel controlled areas is as dangerous as going into the hood, or perhaps a night trip to the projects in Louisiana

  • Andres Mendoza

    posted by  in Colombia forum 

    Yes, since the Spanish expats came along 540 years ago!

  • Michael A.

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    Colombia has a rich history of many problems, but have come a very long way in the past 10 years.

    There are many tourist and back packers that travel through Colombia and many expats that live in Colombia. Of course you would want to take your common sense and natural precaution with you when traveling to Colombia, like you would anywhere else. Like anywhere else there are certain sections of cities / towns that are lower income and a little risky or dangerous to walk through. The only areas that run a medium to high risk of danger are the boarders and jungle areas (Precaution).
    I've traveled through out most of Central and South America, met many back packers and other tourist and have yet to hear any bad experiences accept for the occasional theft of un-supervised bags and items. (Common sense).

  • San C

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    Hello Sergio, I know that maybe you're scared because something in the news. First I have to say that no in all colombia happend this is more in rural areas, otherwise I think that if you come to here you need to know about the dangerous places in the cities..and off course about the schedules for to stay in the night. For example if you come to Bogotá is better to stay in the north, and for example don't go to the downtown at night..
    Anyway the goverment that we have in this moment work a lot in the security, that's why a lot of people is coming for to know about Colombia, because we are more than drugs and kidnapping.

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