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Bringing my surf board to Costa Rica

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Surfing has been my latest choice of hobby. When I went to Indonesia and experienced surfing for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the sport. So when I got back to the states the first thing I did was invest in a good 9” surfboard. It did come with a price I must say it’s totally worth it. This April I’m going to Costa Rica and hopefully I can catch some waves in Jaco. By the time I arrive, my brother will be done joining this singles latin tour event and he can join me in Jaco. He said he’ll rent out a board so he can join me. But first, I need to know the basics about bringing a surfboard to another country. Do I need to present papers or something? Also, how much do airlines charge passengers for checked-in sports equipment?

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    Sufing in costa rica

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    If you want to book and have surfboard free if they are still doing that book thru that place,forgot the name, in cocoa beach Florida. Like it may be difficult to find but whoever u first get ask if you book thru them do they guarantee no charge for surfboard both ways on the plane and if not, probably not, ask them for the name of the one that does(if they will tell u?). I think there is still only one travel agency in cocoa beach that does that. That was as off 2005 which is part of reason i forgot the name.Just do some searching on google or whatever which i said is probably difficult.

    Also don't believe what that girl post in 2019. If you are used to the quality reef breaks etc. in indonesia eg. Uluwatu, kuta reef, Changgu,
    Padang Padang ,Medewi and even Nusa dua and several other spots and the near to Bali small island of nusa lembongan then you are in for
    quite a disappointment in CostaRica. There are only 2 quality spots in costa rica and those are Boca de barranca near Puntareanas and
    down south at pavones and ofcourse they are quite crowded.
    All those places you may have heard about surfing in costa rica don't believe them !, sure plenty of size but bad, closed out etc.
    form. I am talking about for example Jaco nothing but closed out beach break and hermosa even worse. Do not bother to go to Guancaste as especially bad is
    Tamarindo area such as Playa Grande(sure plenty of consistent size but horrible closed out form),and nosara, and the area down south and
    all other places in Guancaste nothing but junk waves except possibly
    witches rock as don't know for sure as it was closed while i was there and in any event is really difficult to get to.
    Do not believe what anyone
    else tells you or what u read - they may not even know what quality waves are. Compared to Bali and other places in indonesia only those 2
    spots in costa rica mentioned are any good at all. I have surfed and seen places in Guancaste and they are all junk. You will never find anywhere near the quality of waves in Jaco that you find in Indonesia.
    Though I did surf Boca de Barranca near puntareanas and it is really good esp compared to anywhere on Guancaste though not as consistently so as places in Bali. Haven't surfed Pavones but from what i hear has got to be really good esp also for beginners.

    Now that i see and think about you are a beginner and ride a 9' board. my god. And esp if all u ever surfed was close
    to shore all sand bottom junk wave beach breaks in Indonesia then i guess you don't know quality waves from junk waves either.
    Just about anywhere where waves break on only soft sand are junk waves like about the whole eastern coast of Florida and all
    other states on the us east coast.
    Anyway the worst place you can possibly go in costa rica is playa grande in Tamarindo area or playa hermosa(not in tamarindo area).
    The waves are just too big there all
    the time, And even though it's likely the most built up and more accomodation than other places and there are also smaller wave
    places around the bend still DO NOT GO TO Tamarindo area at all. It's a real pain in the ass humiliating place with that damn
    constant wind - a real pain in the ass. Next place quite a ways south is Nosara where the wind is really different and pretty
    calm most of the time. One thing for surfing that you DON'T want is any wind at all if possible and if there has to be it
    needs to be just very little and offshore - never blowing from the sea to shore which is the worst possible situation.
    Nosara not built up and very dismal depressing area the waves are softer and may be ok with you if satisfied with junk waves
    for beginner. And also close to about the most south area of Guancaste i think where there are 3 main beaches in that south
    area,eg mal pais for one ?, also has some softer beach junk waves and favorable calm winds and more built up and i think accomodation
    choices though not as much so as Tamarindo area. From what i understand the best and NOT junk wave area is Pavones though i think
    rather difficult to get to - i don't think it is classified as Guancalte. Anyway also in Guancaste the roads are horrible and
    anywhere other than near the larger metropolitan areas it's as if they never heard of gas stations.
    By the way that place down south i think at the center of the 3 beaches i think it is called mal pais and think and santa teresa
    is near there and may have some places with softer junk wave beach breaks. And by the way this brings up the most important things you need to
    know about costa rica in general. Anyway it was down there at mal pais or near i just got out of my rental car for 20 to 30 minutes at most after
    going down to see the waves near the sea and when got back to car i noticed the trunk was ajar. And yes this is the worst thing
    that has ever hapenned to me anywhere ever in all my years of traveling. Some thief(s) got into the trunk and stole my whole
    suitcase. Most likely they got in by unlocking it with a key(likely a somewhat master for that build of rental car) of which i
    understand they have to most all rental cars. It
    happenned there but could have been anywhere. Yes the locals in costa rica are about the worst in the world. Never ever trust
    any of them and assume that if you have a rental car with only the standard ,not your own specials, that those detestful
    locals can unlock any of them. Countless other persons like just about every and anyone i have talked to have had the same or worse
    happen to them be it in jaco or anywhere else. And the police and tourist officials could care less and do nothing about it.
    And also know of people who have bought or building houses in costa rica and make
    a deal with some locals to watch their houses while they are gone and they come back later(could be hours,days weeks months or
    whatever) and their houses and or all belongings
    are gone. - those detestful locals. i could have more choice words for them but would be prohibited on this forum. Also be aware
    that guards just about anywhere or even ones you hire yourself are also in on the scam. The most horrible locals imaginable.

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    Have You ever Tired Surfing in Costa Rica??!!
    If not then I am sure that you will be compelled to say that Cost Rica's surfing is the best.

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