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Dr. Araya and others?

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Hi Trudy,

I know of several people who have had surgery with him at CIMA, so I don't know why he's not listed; maybe it's just been overlooked.

Here is Dr. Lev's website:

I don't have any info about Dr. Urzola. There's no reason to use a medical travel service, in my opinion. I've taken two cosmetic surgery trips to Costa Rica, making decisions based on info gleaned from websites and forums. I communicated easily by email with the doctor I chose, as well as the aftercare facility I decided on. My experiences have been more than positive in every way. Menopause had a very sad effect on my face and body, but now I get up every morning thankful for the face and body I see in the mirror.

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    I am one of the ones that referred Isabel. She and I pretty much agree 100% on everything including diet. How long did you smoke and how much did you smoke. This may also seem like a strange question as well, but San Jose is over 4,000 feet above sea level. What is the altitude where you live? I live high in the Rockies and have never been a smoker so respiratory wise is never an issue. I was in medicine for over 20 years (working actively in a hospital). I am out of a hospital environment but I still dabble with volunteer clinics.

    What is your definition of a recent convert? A week, a month, a year? How much did you smoke and what kind? Lights, unfiltered or filtered?

    You are also going to have to do an exercise regimen to get lung function back. I am also going to suggest you see a pulmonologist here in the states prior to booking any kind of surgery.

    You have a long way to go to undo the damage (if you can) from the "cancer sticks". Start exercising and eating right. You may want to see a registered dietician as well. I do a lot of juicing due to the fact that I have Celiac disease. I am able to better absorb vitamins this way. You have robbed your body of essential vitamins and minerals with the cigarettes over the years of smoking.

    Exercise and eat right. See a physician and find out how much damage you have done. Also, what is your height and weight? Isabel and I are about the same size. Well, we were, now I am smaller (not intentionally). I think last time I talked to her she said she was a size 5. I am between a 0-3 now and getting smaller every day (not intentionally).

    I work out, I eat right and Isabel does the same. She stays out of the sun better than I do.

    It is time to start repairing yourself. You can email me offline at ada5is at msn dot com and I can better get a feeling of your situation.


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    Ok I'm a recent convert. How long should I wait to have plastic surgery now that I've stopped smoking?

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    who did you chose for your surgery? I am thinking about going in august.. I live in FL... thank you

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    May I ask the name of your surgeon?

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