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Dr. Luis Pastor, Plastic Surgeon, Costa Rica

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Dr. Pastor did my facelift and breast implants at the Catholic Hospital in April 2009. I am 55 years old and what a wonderful result. Dr. Pastor is very conservative and my face looks great. I told him that I did not want to look 20 years old, just to look refreshed and a younger.

My friends cannot tell what is different. Most people say I look great, "Did you lose weight?" Everyone says that they would never guess that I had a face lift. Most people think my new hair cut made me look years younger. My sister went with me and she looks fabulous!!! It is the best thing we have done for ourselves.

I checked up on Dr. Pastor and the hospital for 2 1/2 years before I went, as well as other doctors and hospitals, too. My sister helped with the process some, too.

Carolina takes care of everything! You have to do nothing except recover from the surgery. My only suggestion is to take your own pain medications. They do provide them with everything included, but I think American pain meds are better, others disagree.

I returned to have lipo on my abs, waist and thighs done this year. I'm still recovering, but I do see very nice results so far. The hospital is as good or better than what we have in the states. Between the two visits to Costa Rica, the Catholic Hospital has received Joint Commission Certification which is very hard to get and maintain. The hospital is spotlessly clean and the nurses and personnel are wonderful. Most speak English, if they don't they will find someone very quickly to translate. They are very sweet people. The food is good, too.

If there had been any problems that I had seen as far as filithiness or deception, I would have walked out immediately. I surely would not have returned to have a second procedure done.

The cost was less than half the price of what they were going to charge me here. Here your surgery is done as an outpatient. There we spend the night in the hospital. This included everything from being picked up at the airport to doctor's visits to lodging and food and pre-op test ...EVERYTHING! No worries, just rest and relaxation. I spent 10 nights there, it was wonderful! I look as good as I feel for once in my life.

If you would like to know any more, don't hesitate to ask.

Lookin' good in Oregon!

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    I don't know dr Pastor but I have been to Hospital Catolica for hyperbaric oxygen treatments after my tummy tuck last May, and it is a very nice hospital. Nice to hear the good reviews and your good experience with this doctor.

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    I went through I researched
    Dr Pastor for 2 & 1/2 years. He does Vaser Lipo which I had done. I stayed at Anna's Recovery House. Carolina sets everything up for you. All your meals, rooms, hospital, test, etc is included in the price. Just go to the web site listed above and send an email through there. Carolina will contact you right away. They will take very good care of you. I had lipo on my abs, thighs, knees and waist. It has been six weeks yesterday, so I am out of the compression garment for the first time today. I certainly have a better shape. I am extremely pleased with my face lift and breast augmentation, too. The hospital is so very clean and has very good care.

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    Where did you stay for post op?
    Is there a contact for Catolica or did you go straight to Dr Pastor?
    What type of lipo did you ave done?? I am looking at getting Vaser Lipo.

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