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Ecotourism-related employment in CR

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I am currently networking in the area of Ecotourism with the intention to relocate to Costa Rica in the near future. I have >10 years Canadian experience in Ecotourism (PhD) and Planning (MA) as an academic and practitioner. Having completed few projects in South America, I understand issues related to Costa Rica. I am open to related opportunities in compatible industries and sectors.

Does anyone have any advice related to jobs, organizations, corporate partners, or government agencies that would be helpful for me to network with? I would be grateful for any contacts with whom I could talk to about employment.

Thank you!
Agnes Nowaczek, PhD
Ecotourism Specialist

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    No, that picture was taken in Peru, Amazon region. You guessed close.
    Thank you for your offer of assistance. I definitely do check with my local friends when it comes to important decisions. The more, the better!


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    My pleasure! Like I said it's always nice to be able to help someone taking such a decisive step (I was wondering if that profile photo of yours was taken in CR?).
    If you are in no rush, even better. The embassy paperwork might be a little bureaucratic -just for the record- but if you have been to CR already you might have had the chance to experience that yourself : )
    Should you need any additional info just say the word. I think some of my friends might now someone who's in real estate other might know some pages to look for houses. It's always important to compare and avoid getting ripped off! But that you already know I am sure.
    Fingers crossed!

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    Hi Alex,

    Yes, your country has cast a spell on me and I have visited it twice already in a short period of time. I love the nature and the people, and living in CR I would want to contribute in some way to help protect these beautiful spaces. It is truly a paradise on Earth!

    Your idea about the CR Ambassy here is a good one, although I have plenty of time before I am ready to move. I think it's a good idea to move when you can buy a house. We will see.

    Thanks for your wishes.

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    Hey Agnes!
    My you are no stranger to Costa Rica at all I see..I guess it would be a good idea to contact the Costa Rican embassy in Canada (however, I don't know if that's far away from where you live?) to find out about the paperwork in case you found a job or something...
    As a Costa Rican it's always great to hear that people with such good qualifications want to live among us, so why not offering a helping hand? Sure, you can follow up and say how things went. Of course I am aware this is a process and takes time, but hopefully it will pay off.
    Kind Regards

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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I will follow up shortly.
    I have recently attended the Ecotourism Conference in San Jose hosted by CANAECO and found the networking very helpful. I definitely plan to attend again next year, as well as other similar events.


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    Hi Agnes,
    I just read your message...we have a newspaper in english called the Tico Times, this is their link:
    maybe you can post an ad there or just look what they offer...

    this is a link for volunteer work (even though the default page is in Spanish, you can change it to English)

    another NGO...

    and there's this other page you might find helpful as well...
    I hope this will be a good way to get started!
    good luck!

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