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How to get a temporary work permit in Costa Rica

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How to get a temporary work permit in Costa Rica

For those who are or are considering moving abroad to Costa Rica with aspirations of working during their stay will require a temporary work visa to secure your legitimacy as a business person in Costa Rica. By virtue of obtaining a temporary work permit, you will be granted temporary residency as well, in most cases.

Typically, when you obtain your work visa it will be valid for six months from the date of issue. Work permits are renewable. Work permits are submitted at the department of immigration and must be approved by the work department as well.

To apply, you must be able to provide several validation documents. These items are submitted to the Department of Temporary Permits and Extensions at the General Directorate of Migration. You must provide the legal constitution and registration documents of the company that will be employing you. Upon submission, your application must be accompanied by a statement from the company that you will be working for. The Costa Rican Social Security Institution will need to send verification that you have no outstanding financial obligations.

Other necessary items:

a copy of your birth certificate
photocopies of your passport
your marriage certificate (if married)
proof of adaquate financial resources
a statement of good conduct from the police
submit to a background check by the Costa Rican Ministry of Security
up to 4 passport size photos
copies of your diplomas or any other qualifications
join any professional associations available in your field

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    It is something that is very difficult for non ticos to do -- I would not hold my breath about it unless you are in an unusual situation and have political contacts.

    There are big fines if businesses even hire non Ticos, there is unemployment problem as it is.

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    is it easy then to get one, are there any visa agencies for example here in china you just get a visa agency to do the paperwork for you for a fee even if you dont have a job as most companies aint registered

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