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Jobs and housing

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My family and I are considering moving to CR...can anyoine help me with info on jobs and hosuing there? I dont really understand the currency yet and how it converts from american to CR currency, any info helps and Im eager to learn new things and meet new people!

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez

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    Hi Miranda, how are you doing ?

    As Cris told you in his reply, there are several websites in CR showing info about business and services.

    Then, there are well known expats communities in the country, advising newcomers about moving and living here.

    Any question I can solve from my side, just let me know.

    Mucha suerte y que disfruten nuestro país !

  • Cris Legrand

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    First of all, as an expat since a few years now, I can tell you that you'll love Costa Rica!
    It's a great country! Easy to adapt to.
    To convert colon to US dollars, I like to use XE converter (
    But you can also estimated like that:
    500 colones = about 1$
    1000 colones = about 2$
    2000 colones = about 4$
    5000 colones = about 10$
    10 000 colons= about 20$
    Just double the first number...and it will give you an estimate how much it costs in dollar.

    For jobs and housing, I know one website named Encuentra 24 ( who can help you with Costa Rica home and jobs.

    Hope you'll enjoy this country like I do!

    Pura vida!

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