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Paying for Plastic Surgery In Costa Rica

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So I have almost completed the process of scheduling a tummy tuck in Costa Rica With Dr Rodrigo Araya... when his office tells me that the only way he will accept payment is via Deposit into his bank account.
And I froze, Warning lights and sirens start up all over the place in my brain.
AM I crazy? Is this standard procedure? How have you all paid for plastic surgery in costa rica?
Please advise me ! Dr Araya and his office staff are very nice and personable but the idea of depositing directly into someone's bank account ( when their website clearly states that they do accept credit cards) seems fishy.
Thank you!

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    I am 39 and considering having upper eyelid surgery. As it is done under local anesthetic, how bad is it? How long is the recovery period? Anynone have a recommendation?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    I have been researching plastic surgeons inCostaRica for quite some time now, read a lot about them. Also have done research in Drs. Here in Orlando, you find good and bad Drs in all parts of world. I have somewhat decided on. Dr. Lev. Have found nothing negative about him as yet. If. Anyone knows of so etching negative, please advise me. I don't want to turn my face over to just any doctor. Also, in my research, I had always zeroed in on Las Cumbres Inn, but see that Dr. Lev is touting Chetica, which I have read o this website, it is high in the mountains. If I do decide to have surgery with Dr. lev, I will go to Las Cu bres
    Please give me your thoughts

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    I would like to share a little bit of my experience with everyone. I experienced breast development during puberty and it really affected my self-esteem. At one point in my life I just decided that I needed to just get over it and learn to live with that. Time went by and as much as I wanted to pretend it didn't matter to me, it did... a lot. It affected so many things in my life. I know it's just a physical thing, and I actually received help from different therapists, but after so many years I understood that in order for me to be totally comfortable with my body, I had to do something about it, So I decided to get a breast reduction surgery. I found Dr Rodrigo Araya, (recommended by someone else), and I had no problems whatsoever. Finally, I look the way I've always wanted and I am extremely happy with the results!

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    I have had a face lift with Dr. Rodrigo Araya last year, and the results are excelent!!! my face feels and looks gorgeous (all my friends tell me so), and I see it everytime I look at myself in the mirror.
    The whole experience when I travelled to Costa Rica was amazing, I was never asked to deposit any money into his bank account, in fact, I paid by cash and they gave me a break with the surgery price. I find Dr. Araya a highly skilled plastic surgeon who will always go the extra mile to accomplish your wishes. He put my mind at ease at the pre-op consultation and showed me the outcome of the surgery.

    I would recommend Dr. Rodrigo Araya to anybody seeking for plastic surgery, they will be as pleased as I am with the results! I look forward to returning soon for some other procedures I have in mind.

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    In April, Costa Rica will have the 4th Annual Medical Travel Business Summit.
    April 24-26 2013.
    I think it would be very interesting...

    About Cosmetic Surgery, I heard good things about Dr. Suarez, a Costa Rica plastic surgeon:

    Did you too?

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    I have read some good and bad reviews...could anyone comment who had a recent experience with Doctor Araya?

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    Little bit too late, but I've had the same problems with a plastic surgeon here in Costa Rica.
    He used PIP implants in 2010 and with them I have had a hard time two years. I felt sickish and had sometimes pain.
    There's a message board for plastic surgery in Costa Rica: I found a excellent surgeon and had them (the PIP's) replaced. This surgeon reconstructed also the pockets. Now, six weeks after the 2nd surgery I feel well and the result is exceptional.


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    What is with you people who won't give out the doctor's name? Who do you think you are helping by keeping the most important piece of info out of your post.

    I think all of you who do that, and then rave about another surgeon are nothing more than paid actors trying to promote business for a specific doctor.

    Your posts are useless.

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    We potential patients read these posts to hear about others' experiences with specific surgeons, good and bad. To give such an exhaustive, detailed, and somewhat confusing post and omit the surgeon's name is just plain ridiculous. It makes your entire post a bit suspicious.

    Sorry, but I'm here for help, not to hear someone vent without even giving names.

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    I want to go to Costa Rica sometime in 2012 to get some cosmetic sx done..i basically need upper eyelids and bags below the eyes(lazer resurfacing) neck since I've lost 70 lbs has that slight crepey look now..didnt have it when i was fat so that needs to be fixed...really thats about it...I valued your review as you know being a registered nurse what to look for in a doctor...i wonder if you could give me a clue on what it costs to stay for 2 weeks in a post op care clinic..I can check on the prices for the eyes and neck procedure online..or if you could direct me to this docs website ..I dont want to ruin the looks I have just get rid of what I dont like...thanks Mr Moyer

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