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Plastic Surgeons - Dr. Paster or Dr. Osar Suerez

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I am considering liposuction here in Costa Rica (I live and work here). I have been recommended to Dr. Luis Paster and Dr. Osar Suarez?? Any feedback. They both work out of CIMA with is an amazing facility. I appreciate any feedback.
Thank you,

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    Plastic surgeons in Costa Rica

    posted by  Wanda Messer in Costa Rica forum 

    I am rather surprised. With all the plastic surgery done in CR, there are not more posts, is there another website to get information from patients that have had plastic surgery inCR.

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    The four critical questions here are:
    Should multiple operative sites be scheduled in one session or separately?
    Should discussion of elevated risk exposure with the patient be included in the informed-consent process?
    Should the patient be given the choice of less risk with additional procedures?
    Should these procedures be performed in a surgicenter?

  • Julie Conner

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    WOW! I think this communication between patients and those considering procedures is perfect. It is true however that issues with procedures can arise with ANY surgeon in ANY country. I am a medical facilitator with GLOBAL Medical Facilitators. We are independent and research hospitals and providers diligently to provide the best possible out come for our clients. If you are considering a procedure and would like more guidance, we would be happy to assist you and guide you through the complicated process. If you have a story to share with me, I would love to hear it! Please be sure to post your trip experience and surgical outcome for others to see! Our site is:

    Best wishes on your surgical trip!

  • Cris Legrand

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    I hear good things about Dr. Suarez.
    Maybe you can review both "testimonial" section in their websites.
    The one for Dr. Suarez is:
    And for Dr. Pastor is:

    Hope it can helps!

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    Strange this person never says who they went to. Looks like a troll to me.

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    Has anyone had breast aug by Dr.Urzola? Please advise any comments regarding his work.

    Thank you!

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    What did you end up doing? How did it turn out? Whom did you use?

  • Reenie G

    PS Decisions

    posted by  Reenie G in Costa Rica forum 

    Hi Julie,

    Yes I have made my final decisions. I went down to Costa Rica first too and still didn't know exactly what I was doing until I came home and continued to pray on it and think about my options.

    I would be glad to write more privately to you but the bottom line is this:

    1. There are several good surgeons. You will read good and bad about most.
    2. There are several different hospitals and outpatient clinics to go with. Cost is one factor, where your surgeon is comfortable determines part of that.
    3. Don't expect things to look like they do in the US! It's s foreign country and it's the tropics. The roads are different, the weather, the people, everything is different.
    4. Try to talk with as many people as you can once you are down there. I visited with a couple of the patients as well while i visited Chetica Ranch where I will be staying. I had lunch there and took their shuttle van from my hotel to get the full experience of the place.

    I am working on a website for doing some medical concierge which is listed in my profile. It's not completely finished but you can get an idea and if you want more information I'd be glad to talk with you on the phone or my private email.

    Good luck!
    PS I'm scheduling surgery for next month so it's taken me over a year. I'm slow! lol

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    Hi Reenie,

    Have you decided for sure on a Dr. or place to stay? I am thinking about going down next week to check things out...any other sites you can recommend for good info?

  • Reenie G

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    Hi Molly,

    Did you have your tummy tuck done yet? I'd like to hear all about it. I'm working on scheduling my procedures with Dr Urzola for next month, if I can arrange it all. Thanks for your help!

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