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Finding a good plastic surgeon in Cost Rica

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I would like to go to Costa Rica for some "work" from a plastic surgeon. Face and brow lift and upper and lower eyelid. Who is good, who is a hack? Has anyone heard of Dr. Chava? How about Dr. Peralta, Dr. Pino, or Dr. Alfaro? Also, anything you might have to say about where to stay for recovery. I need internet, phone, and tv. Am considering Villa Le Mas, Paradise Inn, Chetica Ranch, and Las Cumbres. Please share your experience with me...thanks! : )

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    The mattresses are very hard and uncomfortable. The food was good but portions were small. If I hear they improve their hard mattresses, I will return.

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    haven't been having much luck finding reviews on plastic/cosmetic surgeons. I stayed at Las Cumbres when I went down in July, 2010 for dental work and looking to go in the very near future for remainder of dental and hopefully some facial rejuvenation :) - Las Cumbres was 'okay' - night-time alot of barking dogs kept many of the guests from sleeping well. there were alot of 'add-on' charges that I wasn't expecting. all-in-all I was safe and the rooms generally clean

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    Hi Mary,

    Maybe someone will respond more quickly if we are both on the same thread! :))

    I see on Chetica Ranch's site they are steering people away from Dr Pino. I was also told by someone from this site to stay clear of Dr Araya.

    I have conversed with Dr Victor Urzola's office and I am waiting for a quote from Dr Arguello. I will go with one of them. Where do you live? I am in Phoenix.

    I am considering Chetica Ranch or maybe Las Cumbres. The people at Chetica Ranch replied to my email and they suggested Dr Arguello as well. I like the sound of them since they appear to be Christian and not afraid to say "God bless" when they write to you. My spirituality is important to me and I will be praying for guidance on this decision.

    I'll be watching your thread and I hope you watch mine too. Maybe we can learn of this together. Who knows... maybe we'll see each other in CR!

    Reenie ;)

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