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Interested in relocation...

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Greetings Croatia...

I am researching the possibility of moving to Croatia for retirement from America.

Can anyone tell me anything, by experience, of Istria?


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    thanks for your reply

    posted by  jilani shaik in Croatia forum 

    thank u verymuch Monika, but it was shown the same number which i gave u, any how it is a great pleasure meeting u, my name is jilani shaik, from india working as accountant/financial advisor. i am married having two children living comfortably here in india.
    Once again thank u for this,


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    Yes, that call was certainly from Croatia. I think there should be 9 before 8, i.e. 38598... It's a mobile phone but the user is unknown, I checked it.

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    Hello Monika, i have recieved a call to my mobile number from 38587167256 few days back, but i have not replied to that call(not availble), can u please tell me that it came from croatia or not. I have tried to that phone, but no one responded. I don;t have any friends there. if you like to help me kindly trace out the phone number.

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    Hello Satheesan!

    Sorry for late reply. Well, the unemployment rate in Croatia is pretty high but you can look for a job on this site

  • SAM M

    Monika Tuaric-is any busines operunity

    posted by  SAM M in Croatia forum 

    Dear Monica
    Me currently working in Oman, Is any possibilty for export chance to Croatia

  • Harry Binkow

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    We feel it over here, Monika. It is very bad. And politically motivated! Trust me, food, clothes, and anything consumer motivated is expensive here too!

    Seaside, and tourist climates are far less effected, the world over. Recessions have always been this way...

    Thank you for your correspondence.

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    Oh, I live in Croatia, but near the capital, Zagreb. :)

    Well, maybe moving here in winter is better than in summer because there will be no tourists, so there will be no crowd. :) I think you've chosen a really nice place for retirement. :)

    I just need to warn you about some things in Croatia... Food, clothes and rentals are pretty expensive, we are still in recession but we all hope things are gonna get better. :) But Istria is doing better than the rest of the country. :)

  • Harry Binkow

    Pula and Opatija are the best

    posted by  Harry Binkow in Croatia forum 

    Thank you Monika!

    I am trying to get there, this Winter for a look! I know it is not the best time. I live in America, and the air fares are best in Winter.

    This was very thoughtful of you! Where do you live in Europe?

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    Hello Harry!

    I don't live in Istria but I've been there a few times and, in my opinion, it's the most beautiful part of Croatia. People are really nice and nature as well. I think Pula and Opatija are the best.

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