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hi guys i need someone to help me to get a visa to croatia

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i try looking n here but there's no Embassy of Croatia in Jordan ill really appreciate any help or any info can help me with that thanks :)

  • alex mugrabie

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    hi thaks for the info :) i already contact them and they gave me the same link i even called them but they act in a rude way they wasn't that much helpful with me i dont know why :) however i contact the embassy in Croatia they were much nicer with me and helped me much much more than the embassy of croatia in cairo, Egypt.
    still ... its the first time i do this i mean apply for a visa :) and its look so complicated for me :)
    i want to study in Zagreb:) and maybe live in croatia in the future im such a big fan of it for real i just love it :) but still cant find the way to get there :)
    so i thought i could post something in here maybe ill find someone can help me with this :)

    thanks mam for your help i really appreciate your help and your info and the time you spend to reply at me :)

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    hi, alex

    the embassy that non-residentially covers Jordan is the embassy of croatia situated in cairo, Egypt.

    maybe you could ask for information there?!

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