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Life in Havana

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Hello all,

I have a very good friend living in Havana and would like to visit her one day.

Can anyone tell me what life is like in Havana? What kind of activities do people do on a daily basis? What hobbies do they have? How hard is it to live there? How do Cubans view the world and in particular the English? What's family life like in Havana? Which beaches do they go to and how often?

Any other things you think might interest me, please let me know.

Many thanks,


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    it will take hours to explain you how things works in havana

  • Rob Bartlitz

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    Thank you, Eli.

    It is hard for most of us to understand this kind of life, although having been living in Poland during the communist era, I remember times like that then. I therefore empathise with the Cubans on this subject.

    From what I heard, Cubans are a very sunny nation considering their plight. My mum visited my friend in Havana a couple of months ago and I asked whether they need anything from England. My friend's answer was an emphatic "no - they just wanted my mum to visit". They have been described as very kind and fun-loving people, who don't show their personal poverty to the world.

    I would like my friend to visit London one day, but I don't know whether Cubans are allowed to do so.

    Kind regards,


  • Eli Salazar

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    I visited La Havana, 10 years ago.
    The life is hard and poor there. I never imagine that what necessary to have money there. The salary is too short, the clothes, the shoes, some food are seling in dollars, and the money they earn is too low. When I arrived to the city I remember the 60s years, you can see the old cars, the houses of that time. For tourist the situation is diferent.

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