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work permit

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i think you would not need work permit there, but to be 100 % sure you could ask you ambasade in Cyprus

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    No EU country citizens need permission to live or work in Cyprus although Romanians and Bulgarians may need to register with the immigration (not too sure if this regulation still holds). Otherwise you can work.

    Munir... I didn't understand your question?

  • md khaled

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    hi dear,
    pls kindly tell me how can i get a company to supply worker, for cyprus

    best regard
    mr munir




    posted by  VEERABOINA KIRAN in Cyprus forum 

    Hi, Anneke did you get the details of Cyprus workpermit.

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    Yes, I hope he can manage to go there! He wants to go there in summer. I don't know yet if I have the time to join him. So Pat, I'm not in Cyprus yet ;)

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    since I'll be in Cyprus starting next week maybe can ask him for a beer :).
    I'm joking:P
    Good luck for him in finding something to work related to his hobby.

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    My boyfriend went to a hotel school, but he wants to work in Cyprus as a bartender (it's his hobby & passion).

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    Oh, seems like Stefanie deleted her profile :(
    So could anyone else answer our questions??

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    Thanks Stefanie, how could I forget about the guides on this site!
    I had a look on your profile and saw that you're currently living in Cyprus! Do you like it there? Which cities would be nice to live in for a while?

    Bye bye
    Anneke =)

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    Thanks for your replies!
    My boyfriend is from EU. I didn't know he won't need a work permit then. That's very handy...thanks :)

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    If your boyfriend is citizen of EU country then he dont need work permit.

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