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how can i check my visa is valid or invalid in Cyprus

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Hi Guys!.Recently i got cyprus visa to work in Cyprus.Anybody have any idea update me this web site. Anybody in Cyprus Guys contact this address and find this people doing fraud or not

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    How i send my passport number

    posted by  Puja Gurung in Cyprus forum 

    How can i know my visa valid or not in Cyprus

  • Radu Radu

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    It must be the date of issue on the visa, and where is this, it must be the ending of the eligibility.That's why i told him to learn to read .
    I think that it is the pretty same with the Schengen Visa for the non EU countries.

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    how much i know work visa is for 1 year and every year must be make new if this visa make boss or you by self.....

  • Radu Radu

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    Learn to read on it.

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