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Cost of living in the Czech Republic

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Can anyone tell me how high the cost of living in the Czech Republic is? I.e. how much would I have to pay for rent, food etc.? Thanks for your help.

  • Munir Mughal

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    Hello Everu body.
    I am Munir, from saudi arabia.
    i have plan to move from saudi arabia to any one hellp me and guide me
    how and what to do,
    and whats there is jobs as Anesthesia Technician.

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    Hey all,

    Comparing the prices in Czech Republic, I would say that especially food (both in supermarkets and restaurants) is much cheaper than in western countries. Also some services such as hairdressers are cheaper. Other things (electronics, clothing etc) are comparable to other european countries. However, some luxurious goods (luxury designer brands etc) can be more expensive, because the shops count in the prices less favourable exchange rates.

    hope this helps!

  • Awesome D

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  • Juan Ubide Barreda

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    Creo que los precios son muy baratos.

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