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Czech alien police - the worst welcome for foreigners ever?

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Hi all,

One of the first things I had to do when I arrived to Czech Republic was to run to alien police to deal with the registration. It was so bad experience I almost wanted to go back to Istanbul. I arrived to Czech republic as exchange student and I was treated there as a criminal! No information in english, hours of waiting, unfriendly staff... Did you have similar experience or was it just me?

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    i had the same experience in the embassy of Czech Republic ,,they treat you like you are some criminal or something...i'm gonna neither live there or work there..i'm just being invited by a person from Czech Republic ..but still the attitude of the officials to foreigners is wished to be the best..

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    Hi Jirka,
    Yeah, I guess this is something you have to get used to in Czech Republic. The thing with the alien police is that you need to visit it as one of the first places. And it's very very very unwelcoming. There are a lot of expatriates and immigrants in Czech Republic and they are considerably helping Czech economy, so I think Czech Republic should treat them better.

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    Hi Cihan,
    to make you feel better - it's not just immigrations, it's all officials. And not just towards foreigners, I also spent hours waiting in the queue and talking to grumpy clerks. I'm not sure why, but that's how it goes.

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