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I will be in CR for 10 days - from Prague to Ostrava (Opava) ,

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anyone knows what will be my best bet for mobile internet ? USB stick is probably what I need , which company have the best prepaid plans ? /best coverage ?

Thanx in advance for you help

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    Hi, Jirka.
    Thanks for your post, it seems to be helpful

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    Hi there,

    Not sure if this answer is still useful to you, but it may be to others.
    Plenty of hotels and other places (coffee shops, shopping malls) offer free wifi.

    If you really want a mobile internet for serious web browsing, check one of these options:
    O2: 700CZK including USB stick (
    Vodafone: 400CZK + USB stick ( - in Czech only, sorry)
    T-Mobile: 500CZK + 500CZK USB stick (
    cesty/tarify-a-ceny - in Czech again)
    Alternatively, you can connect via 3G using your phone and prepaid card from any of these operators.

    I assume the coverage would be similar for all - unless you go to a forest retreat or underground, you should be able to connect.


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