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What do you like or hate most about the Czechs?

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I'm sure there are some prejudices about people from Czech Republic... Can you spot some common characteristics or behaviour that you like or hate about Czechs? I'm interested in what foreigners think of us :-)

And please, don't say just the clichees about beer drinking :-)

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  • Arturo Mondragon

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    she is the only Czech I know but, I can say she is very friendly, dependable, and fun to hang out with, She likes to have fun and tells me that mexicans and Czech are very much alike they like to be with family they trust people very quick and we're both polite.


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    i have got a czech girlfriend and i can't say anything bad about czech people because the fact that i love czech girl already makes me love czech people kind of ..they are not so cold as people think of them ..they just seem cold to people who don't know them ...i'd say they are not cold at at all when you know each other ....
    The only problem i had experienced with czech people was when i was getting a visa in the embassy of Czech Republic ..they just treat you like a criminal...but common czech people are cool!

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    neboj se a povídej, oni tě neukousnou, spíš budou mít radost a podpoří tě! Vlastní zkušenost ;-)

  • david perez

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    Well, im just reaing these lines you have posted on this site. Its so nice to know about the culture in czech republic.. im mexican architect. i learned a bit of czech language here in mexico. the teacher(girl from brno) is nice i knew her here in mexico. she is already married.
    anyway i like to getczech republic and live there but i dont know when.
    one of my friends is living there. i guess its a very nice place to live. i hope to get in touch to learn czech.
    ja mam 38 let
    ja ucim se cesky.

    tesi mne


  • Dagmar Wertheimova

    What do you like or hate most about the Czechs?

    posted by  Dagmar Wertheimova in Czech Republic forum 

    Hey Joep,you are so right!I just found this discussion and I have to tell you that speaking dutch in Belgium is really such problem to me,I understand everything but once i have to say something i get scared of saying something wrong,scared of people laughing me out so I rather always say I speak english although I could speak dutch without any problem...I just have to figure this out and be more self confident like you said!

    Anyway what I have heard about Czech people was mostly not really positive...mostly that we are cold not so warm...I see it in Belgium,everybody kiss each other,hugs and in Czech you simply say hi and that's it..then I have also heard that we are just not polite and that we don't speak any languages!Of course there are some exceptions but it's true that when you come to Brno or even to some smaller city and you ask someone something in english it will take a while till you catch someone that will understand to you.In Prague it's mostly not a problem.But now I'm it that the Czech people don't understand english or just don't have a self confidence?:-))).

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    You are right Tania, I was surprised myself when I was visiting Czech Republic, because the people are not smiling enough. I was also surprised to realize that Czechs are sometimes shy to show their abilities. For example, even though they know the foreign language, they are afraid of making mistake so they are reluctant to speak! I think some Czechs should be more selfconfident about themselves

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    Hmm, I think Czech people are usually very nice once you get to know them :-) But it's quite hard to get under the personal public buble and become really friends, I mean, harder than in Italy for example :-) I don't like that the Czech people are not smiling too much when walking on the street!

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