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websites to send sms to a mobile phone?(sitios web para enviar SMS a un teléfon)

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Ahoj všichni!
Myslíte si, používat webové stránky poslat sms na mobilní telefon? Je dobré používat webové stránky, místo toho, aby zatížení? Nějaká rada prosím ..
děkuji moc!

  • Selena Geronimo

    posted by  in Czech Republic forum 

    thanks you for the website you have shared shermaine..i have a friend in philippines so i could use it.thanks.God žehnej!

  • Shermaine Yao

    posted by  in Czech Republic forum 

    you search on Google "free sms websites" and you could find a lot of free sms providers.just beware of the information you are sharing with them.who knows?you will be a victim in the end. if you want, you could use this site i am is already tested by it is

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