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Living and studying in Denmark

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Hi! I'm thinking about spending a semester abroad. I think studying in Denmark would be something different, as most people go to Germany, France or Spain.
So, how is the student life in Denmark? Are there some good universities and international students as well?


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  • Luka Montego

    Moved to Copenhagen

    posted by  Luka Montego in Denmark forum 

    Hey! I just moved to Copenhagen. I will study in DTU university. Can't wait to start :) However, I'm new in Copenhagen and it's a little bit hard. I am even planning to go on Copenhagen tours :D Something like this: Maybe you want to join me? It would be nice to meet new people. By the way, I am from Lithuania. :)


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    I really need friends to collaborate with in developemt projects.

  • mahen sonawane

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    hi, I have received an offer from DTU university for doctoral position starting in August 2009. They are offering 3,666 Euros per month. Iam single would be living alone. I just wanted to know how is the reputation of DTU in denmark and abroad? will I have to pay income tax?secondly how much will it cost for insurance?

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    Hey Joszua, sorry for my late answer! Totally forget about this.
    Well, I had a look on the official website of the University of Copenhagen, and they have a nice overview of courses (offered in English e.g.) and so on. Hope it helps

    Have a nice day!

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    Copenhagen sounds nice! Do you know which studies they offer at the university there??

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    Hi Joszua, why don't you consider Copenhagen?? Cool city and living in the capital is always nice :)

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    No problem! To be honest I still don't know which cities would be nice to study...any recommendations?? :)

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    Hi Joszua, sorry for my late answer!
    Hmm how much money would you's hard to say, as it depends a lot from your lifestyle and to which city you wanna go...but as an "average" student, with a room in a shared flat and cooking for yourself and going out sometimes I think you'll need about 700 Euro a month in a bigger city. But I'm not quite sure about that, sorry!


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    Hi Anneke! Thanks a lot for the article!
    I just wonder if I have enough money for this, as Hungary seems quite cheaper than much money would I need per month as a student??


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    Hi joszua!
    I think you'd be doing fine with studying in Denmark, as they offer quite a lot study options for international students.
    Maybe this helps you with your decision:

    Making the choice to study in Denmark is easy. There are plenty of opportunities for international students and researchers. The Danish higher education institutions are internationally oriented and offer a large selection of programmes and individual courses in English.

    Moreover, Denmark is a country with a global outlook and an innovative culture. The knowledge intensive sector, covering areas from biotechnology to food and environmental protection, has a prominent position. Many higher education institutions cooperate with business and research institutions, bringing about an enriching and up-to-date learning environment.

    In Denmark, you can earn an internationally recognised qualification or add credits to your national degree, while experiencing the Danish culture, society and way of living. Denmark has much to offer, and the Danish higher education institutions happily welcome talented students from all over the world.


    Good luck!

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