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Physical therapy in Denmark

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I'm a physical therapy (physiotherapy) student from Belgium and for a school assignement we need to investigate if there are differences with physical therapy between Denmark and Belgium. I have two questions:
1) Is there a maximum number of physical therapy treatments a patient can get in one year?
For example: in Belgium patients get 18 treatments for one complaint/prescription from the doctor. And they can only get
three different prescriptions for physical therapy in one year. When a patient does have another complaint, after he
already got three prescriptions that year, he does get another prescription for physical therapy, but he must pay more for
the treatment, the insurance doesn't pay the difference back.
2) Is there direct access to physiotherapy in Denmark or is there always a referral from the doctor? In Belgium we must
always have a referral from the doctor before we can go to the physiotherapist for treatment.

Thank you for your reply.

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