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Regading PR in denmark

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Hi everybody,

I am from India, i am planning to apply for my PR visa to Denmark, can anyone help me with the job opening available in Denmark and how is the living there and is it a good place to move in, Please feel free to reply.

Thank you

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    posted by  skyisthelimit R in Denmark forum 

    Denmark is a very good place to live. You can find job depending upon your qualifications. You can immigrate to Denmark to find a job and work consequently under the Greencard scheme. Currently Denmark is falling short of professionals in the following areas as suggested by the Greencard positive list:

    Academic work
    IT and telecommunication
    Educational, social and religious work
    Sales, purchases and marketing
    Health, healthcare and personal care
    Freight forwarding, postal services, storage and engine operation
    Education and tuition

    To know more about the Denmark Greencard Scheme, refer:

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    posted by  M Khan in Denmark forum 

    bro....sorry for taking so long to get back to you. it used to take 10-12 months to finalize a case after lodging an application. the best adivce for you is to submit the application by yourself rather than via any consulting farm. and count your points by visiting

    i had the eligible points from my education and language (100) without counting other factors. as i had ielts score so i did submit that with my application.

    hope you will get all information related the documents might be needed for your application from the above link. one important thing is that u have to take sign and seal into your application form from your university.

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    posted by  M Khan in Denmark forum 

    visit this link
    y.htm and see the form (Application form GR1-English version, if you are a job seeker in denmark). You better ask DIS/Danish or Sweden Embassy whether there is any other option. The best thing is to read A-Z of this site (
    scheme/greencard-scheme.htm) and you will get all answers if you have any. best of luck.

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    posted by  M Khan in Denmark forum 

    sorry bro... they have changed the form than the one i applied. u don't need to take the sign and seal into the form but still you need the following:

    Declaration from your educational institution confirming the authenticity of your educational documents (should
    not be enclosed if the education is Danish). Please note: The declaration should be signed and sealed by a
    higher authority at the educational institution. The name and contact information of the signing authority must be
    provided in type writing/print.

  • Authenticity of the documents

    posted by Deleted user in Denmark forum 

    Hi everyone,

    Could someone help me please? I submitted my GR1 application in May 2009 and recently I received a response from Danish Immigration asking me to submit a letter from the university confirming the authenticity of my documents. Previously, I got all my photocopy documents signed and sealed by the university. Now I am sending 'the letter' they need. I have few questions regarding this:
    1) How long time do you think to finalise the application after submitting this letter?
    2) What should the university really state in the letter?
    3) What is the probability of a positive result if I get 100 points or above? Are there cases being rejected even after meeting all the requirements? In what other cases the Danish Immigration might reject, if they do?

    I would highly appreciate if someone answer my questions.

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    p r

    posted by  sandeep kumar bargotas in Denmark forum 

    dear madam, sir
    I sandeep kumar i am live in india. i am working with birla sun life last 3 year
    I am age is 24 year . I want to apply to live in denmark p r . so please give me
    knowlage how to apply

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    I am also from India. I am also planning for migrating.

    posted by  Sunil Kumar in Denmark forum 

    I am also from India. I am also planning for migrating. I am evaluating different countries. Do you think Denmark is a good place to migrate? Let me know your contact number. We can talk on the cell. You can mail me on [...].

    I am an IT professional from Kerala and working in Chennai.

  • Kishor Prasad Lamsal

    You need recommendation from University to know Aunthenticity of Documents

    posted by  Kishor Prasad Lamsal in Denmark forum 

    Hello Hira,
    Me too a new one in this forum and applied for GR1 recently in 2nd week of April,2011.In my personal view you have to send a recommendation letter from University head stating about Aunthenticity of your document.I don't know from which University in Nepal you are.I am from Tribhuvan University.
    Good luck
    Kishor Lamsal

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    Denmark Green Card

    posted by  Ravi Jain in Denmark forum 

    Hi There

    Could Anybody Help Me With The Section 7 Of The Green Card Aplication, I Don't Know What to Write in the Applicant's Comment Section

  • Matt B

    Studies and PR

    posted by  Matt B in Denmark forum 

    Hello guys,

    I also have a basic but very important question.
    I know I would need to live in Denmark for a certain number of years before I apply for my PR.

    But do they count the years I study for my PhD (studying in university in general) in Denmark?

    I'd really appreciate it if you could help me because now I'm deciding on which universities I should apply for my master's thesis and later on hopefully for PhD.
    The master's thesis opportunity happened recently so I have a very short time to decide.

    This is a very important issue which I cannot find its answer on the official immigration website.
    I know that some countries such as Sweden do not consider your study period at all!

    Best wishes for you,

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