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Studing in english high school

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Hi everyone, my name is Victor and i live in Moldova. I am 14 years and i am going in 9th grade because i went to first grade when i was 6 usually people go to school when they are 7 but i was 6. I am passionate of computer science and programming. In Moldova this subject is not very developed but i am sure in a country like Denmark it must be so i wat to study there. After 9th grade it will start high schhol and i want to study in a computer science high school in Denmark or in a college for ages between 15-18 years. That schol needs to be in English and it must have something like a place for teens to live because my parents will rest in Moldova i will go to study and i need like a campus inside the school so that i can live there and it must be computer science school. Please help me everybody and give me any good places that may be apropriate for me thanks!

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