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i offer lessons in danish via skype!!!!!!!!

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I want to teach danish via skype, but need to know how many are interested. Classes wil be a maximum of 6 people, and the fee will be 25 kr/hour. We will follow a learning plan with an appropriate ammount of homework, and i will establish classes in 3 different levels. Beginner, intermediate, and hard.
The first hour will be free of charge.

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    Hi Morgan,

    Are you still teaching danish? It would be great, because I am interested in taking danish lessons!

    I come to denmark last month and if I know danish it would help me to get a job.

    please let mail me at [...] or my skype id is makv2009.

    I know english very well.

    Level: Beginner

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    Hi Morgan,

    are you still offering Danish lessons, I am currently learning Swedish but am also keen to learn Danish as I visit a few times a year.



  • Ameh Emma

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    Hi Morgan, i am also interested. but we need to fixe time and when


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    hi yasunobu,

    i have send you the friend request on facebook,yahoo messenger, gmail. please accept that.
    i am interested for learning danish language.

    have a good day keep rocking .


  • Yasunobu Matsui

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    Hi Morgan,

    Can you teach me some good "Danish" for 100% Free(sorry I cannot pay any School Frees as I'm 100% JOBLESS and NO INCOME/MONEY Life/Career Situation) here living in Tokyo/Japan(ASIA) now... :'(

    I have a Skype(Skype ID: yasunobu627) Feel 100% Free adding me soon(but I cannot Guarantee you paying a lot of Good Competitive School/Educations Free for your Danish Language Teaching Services) right now with my 100% JOBLESS Life Situation of me here in Tokyo/Japan now(I'm currently doing a lot of job hunting activities in this whole world(not only here in Japan but in everywhere in all over USA and all over Europe and all over Asia and in India Australia Canada etc too) now) to get back working my Career ASAP(but it just takes/needs so much time as this world all finance is really not good/bad now Morgan everywhere in world to get even a tiny part-time tiny money making job now)... :'(

    *my Brief personal statement is as written below.
    I was born in Tokyo/Japan in Asia Pacific Region of this World back in 1975 on June,27th and got Raised UP in Europe for 11 Years by my Families due to my Father's International Trading Business at "Mitsubishi Corp". 6 years in London/UK 1976-1982 between my Ages of 1-6 years old attending a local Public British School of suburb London and then lived and studied 5 more years in Hamburg/West Germany 1988-1993 bet all my teenage Ages of 13-18 years old attending a local International School called ISH(International School of Hamburg) then coming back to Japan to Tokyo in 1993, I Joined a University called "Aoyama Gakuin University" next year in 1994 and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in "Economics" in 1998(1994-1998). then during my "12 years of my Social working life(1998-2010)", I've been mainly working in the IT/Telecom Industries of here Japan and Asia as "Sales or Customer Service Staff" and worked for "Hotel New Otani Tokyo" as a Hotelman for a year(1998-1999) too. I am Fully Bilingual in English and Japanese(in Higher than "Business Levels") in Speaking/Listening(hearing and understanding)/Reading/Writing in all 4 Functions of Communications(and also able to Speak/Understand some Levels of German Language too)
    Cell phone#: +81-(0)80-3275-3948

    e-mail(PC)Primary Add: [...]

    SNS: facebook,Linked In,twitter,MySpace,QQ,quepasa,mixi
    Name: Yasunobu Matsui

    QQ ID: 1815340322

    IM(6 Types):
    Windows Live Messenger(MSN) ID: [...]
    Skype ID: yasunobu627
    Yahoo Messenger ID: yasunobu.matsui
    ICQ ID: [...]
    Google Talk ID: yasunobu.matsui
    AIM ID: Yasunobu Matsui

  • Ildiko Jancsik

    danish lesson

    posted by  Ildiko Jancsik in Denmark forum 

    Hi Morgan,

    Are you still teaching danish? It would be great, because I am interested in taking danish lessons!

    Level: Beginner



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    now we are more than 6 people who willing to learn danish , now can you tell us the procedure to start and learn ..



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    hi i am interested for danish language.
    i wana learn danish, it is very interesting language and peoples are so nice, can,t describe in words,

    keep in touch.


  • Jason S

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    I would be interested as well.

  • anil kumar

    I want learn Danish

    posted by  anil kumar in Denmark forum 


    How r u? Hoping enjoying...

    I want to learn Danish, how much time courses you are offering. In how many day I can conversation in Danish.


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