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Difficult meeting Danes?

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Hi everyone,
I read in here that it is difficult meeting friends in Copehagen, especially Danish people, so I decided to join this place as a Danish person, who wants to make new international friends. Maybe you need a guide around the city or you are curious about Danish culture- maybe you just want someone to hang out with. If you are chilled out and social then lets meet up :-)

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    We have room for rent KING BED for only around 300 euro per month
    If you would like more info please visit us at
    Thank you! Best regards Daniel! :)

  • Bettina Mogensen

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    Bettina here from Brussels - we know each other. You met Ulrik recently. Well, yes, I'd like to meet up :) Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen. The only missing thing is to find a place for rent. But ok, we'll get there eventually. So, for me it's great to meet up again and chat about the good old times in Brussels, haha

    my email [...]

    A bientôt

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